Level 2-Billing Engineering Course

SeeVill’s billing engineering course you will learn depth knowledge of RA bill making, vendor billing, companies billing, joint venture and other types of billing in detail.

Just take a glance at our billing engineering course syllabus.

A civil engineer skilled in land survey, a good quantity surveyor, have knowledge of tender & construction contract management, and project management.

Billing Engineering Course Syllabus

  • Understanding the role and responsibilities of a Professional Billing Engineer/ Invoice Engineer in construction works.
  • Types of contract agreements to be considered for billing works.
  • Basic knowledge of accounting required for Billing Engineering
  • Construction Billing Procedures from client side as well as contractor side.
  • Procedure for preparing bills at the site. Types of contract agreements to be consider for billing works.
  • RA Bill Making
  • CPWD Norms and Techniques of Billing.
  • Billing with GST and without GST
  • Third-party sub-contractor Billing.
  • Joint Venture Companies Billing.
  • Petty contractor and Vendor Billing.
  • Post Construction Billing
  • Record updating by the Billing Engineer.
  • Measurement of Works as per as IS code.
  • Modes Of Bill Payment.
  • Price variation claim as per the CPWD. (Government of INDIA)
  • Quantity variation claim as per the CPWD. (Government of INDIA).
  • Site Wise monthly statement of payment for labour contractors.
  • Price variations claims as per the CPWD. (Government of INDIA).
  • Material Bill Reconciliation Technique by Contractor in comparison of vendor and client.
  • Claims and Disputes Settlement Procedure involves in Billing Works
  • Claim of Extra item analysis
  • Vendor VS. Client bill Reconciliation. 
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