Tendering & Construction Contract Management Course

SEEVILL quantity surveyors and training Pvt Ltd provides a professional certification training program in tender management, procurement management and contract management. The best training institute for a tender management course in India.

A civil engineer skilled in land survey, a good quantity surveyor, and have knowledge of billing engineering, and project management.

The objective of Tendering & Construction Management Course

  • To help the students or professionals learn the procedure as well as the practice of the bidding process of infrastructure projects.
  • To make the students understand the institutional and legislative frame of work for bidding management in the Indian content.
  • To ensure that the students become aware of and capable of handling problems encountered in bidding management
  • Promote the highest standards of job designation in the construction companies by managing all tender documental work which is the very initial & key role for taking any contract from the client to the contractor
  • Promote goodwill in the construction industries and minimize disputes regarding the observance and contractual requirements.
  • Improve the industry’s quality of contract administration and e-tendering
  • Improve the industry’s quality of contract administration and e-tendering practices

Course Description- (Tendering & Construction Management Course)

The course is divided into eight modules planning for civil engineering infrastructure/ projects is a multi-stage process and bidding is an important as well as a challenging stage in the process. This course is designed to apprise students of the complete bidding management system. SEEVILL Quantity Surveyor & Training Pvt. Ltd is the best training institute for a tender management course in Delhi.

The course would help them understand the various aspects of bidding management including legislative and regularly framework for procuring projects, planning for inviting bids, standard bidding documentation as well as evaluation and final acceptance.

  1. Tendering Documents Preparation
  2. Tendering Documents Submission Guidelines
  3. Tender Review Reports Generation 
  4. Technical Bidding As per Government Laws
  5. Financial Bidding As per Government Laws
  6. Statutory Documents Preparation Techniques for the Tender 
  7. Purchasing and Negotiation Techniques used by Clients and as well as Contractor’s Side
  8. Pre-Bid Meeting Strategy Building and Coordination with Client 
  9. Finding Deviations and Clarify with the Client
  10. Tender Hunting 
  11. Reverse Auctioning Strategy Building and Pressurizing client for the tender
  12. Pooling Technique to use effectively for the Tender to get Maximize Benefits
  13. Evaluation Strategy – Bidding Strategy – Relationship Building 
  14. Indemnify the Tender with the Use of Effective Monitoring of the Tender
  15. Entering Into Contracts – Strategy Building Approach – Scientific Approach
  16. Construction Contracts Documents Formulation and Preparation
  17. Procedures in Contract Management – Pre – Construction and Post-Construction Phase
  18. Interpretation of Contracts and Contract Terms
  19. Cost Overrun and Time Overrun – Strategy Building Approach
  20. Indian Laws for Construction Contract Management
  21. FIDIC International Laws (EPC Turnkey Projects)
  22. Work Order Preparation ( Like Alstom Siemens Etc.)
  23. Live Project Training for Procurement and Negotiation Techniques


The tendering process is the first stage of a process involving civil construction works by following the guidelines termed in tender documents only a contractor can get a contract for any project which is to be proposed by clients. Every civil engineering companies have its own department of tendering which is commonly known as the tender procurement department.

Every civil engineer’s consultant having the knowledge of tender management enables them to work on the tender documents works for the company or clients.
Every civil engineering student must know tender management for their up gradations in their jobs where they will work in tendering department in the construction fields.

Project managers, procurement engineers, quantity surveyors, and billing engineers all have knowledge of tendering procedures and bidding. In every civil engineering or construction project, e-tendering is the first and most important process the project by which construction companies have to undergo for achieving the contract for a particular project.


Tender management professional certification course can be done by working civil engineers (professionals), civil engineer students (Diploma and B.tech) freshers civil engineer as the tender management course is the professional certification course in civil engineering.

SEEVILLQSTPL is the best civil engineering institute in New Delhi which provides a short-term professional certification program in construction works. Tender management certification helps or increases the highest possibility of getting jobs in the core companies of civil engineering.