Quantity Surveying & Training​

SEEVILL QUANTITY SURVEYORS AND TRAINING is India’s best Quantity surveying institute for civil engineers and for architecture. SEEVILLQSTPL short-term professional certification course in Quantity Surveying (Building & Roads) is fully job oriented in India, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore and European countries.

SEEVILL QUANTITY SURVEYORS AND TRAINING Pvt. Ltd. provides a professional certification course in quantity surveying, land survey course and billing engineering course in residential and commercial buildings. SQSTPL provides industrial training to their candidates which comprises the process of executing work on the site which includes the following syllabus:

What is a quantity surveyor? A quantity survey is a profession in which quantity surveyors prepare estimation and costing reports and prepare budget reports for construction companies.


Raft foundation construction, bearing capacity of soil & Types of Loads in Building Structure in Civil Engineering is Pillar topics in the quantity survey course.


Let’s see the quantity survey course syllabus:

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Quantity Surveying in Building Estimation

quanatity surveying course

Quantity Survey Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction to SEEVILL Quantity Surveying and Role of Quantity Surveyors in the construction Industry.
  • A brief study of construction materials, Nomenclature of items.
  • Identification of construction activities and report generation
  • Identification and generation of all types of project risks and action report
  • Understanding and Reading the Structural and Architectural Drawings
  • Basic QA and QC Techniques used in the Construction Industry
  • Quantity takes off from the structural and architectural drawings (Brickwork, Plaster, Painting, Putty work, Shuttering, PCC, RCC, Interior work, drains, Canal ETC.).
  • Preparation of estimation sheets for all kinds of building and Road works on Ms-Excel.
  • Management Information System (MIS) generation and preparation in proper formats as per IS Standard.
  • Estimation of all kinds of civil works (Brickwork, Plaster, Painting, Putty work, Shuttering, PCC, RCC, Interior work, drains, Canal, Roads ETC.)
  • Estimation Procedure during the design phase by the client.
  • Estimation Procedure during Pre-Construction phase by a contractor.
  • Estimation Procedure during the execution of work at the site.
  • Estimation of PEB building (Pre-engineered Building)
  • Costing of all kinds of civil works (Brickwork, Plaster, Painting, Putty work, Shuttering, PCC, RCC, Interior work, Demolishing works drains, Canal, Roads ETC.)
  • Calculator making on Ms-Excel (PCC Work, RCC Work, shuttering, concrete work, Interior work etc.)
  • Bar Bending schedule of technique from all RCC Structures (Footings, Beams, Columns, Slabs, Staircase, RCC Wall and water tank etc) from live project drawings.
  • BBS Sheet preparation techniques on Ms-Excel.
  • Labour Deployment Plan as per Budget
  • Labour Output Analysis as Per IS code, schedule of Rates
  • Machinery Output Analysis As per Market Standard
  • Profit and Loss Analyses in Labour and Machinery
  • S- Curve Reporting.
  • Daily work report and Daily progress report preparation as per quantity surveyor slandered
  • Analysis of Rate as per DAR & Market rate.
  • Material Reconciliation Techniques.
  • Material Procurement Strategies as per as the Techniques uses in Quantity Surveying.
  • Bill of Quantities (Preparation and Material take Off)
  • Management Of EOQ (Economic Order Quantity), Danger Level of Material, Re-Order Level.
  • One Live Project Training Through Drawing
  • Free Lance Quantity Surveying   

Quantity Surveying in Road Estimation​

quanatity surveying course

SEEVILL QUANTITY SURVEYORS AND TRAINING provides professional certification course in road estimation which comprises design of pavement, estimation of earthwork material, estimation of National highway, estimation of State Highway, estimation of WBM Road. Detail study of the composition of roads, estimation of the hilly road etc.

  • Site execution of road site
  • Methodology/ method of making road pavement.

 Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction to all types of roads.
    • Preliminary requirements before executions
    • Drawings.
    • Availability of material and labour.
    • Permission of Central Authorities .
  • Tools and machineries required for the road work.
  • Composition of road length.
  • Determination of road length.
  • Types of pavements.
  • Geometric design of roads.
  • Method of making pavements.
  • Estimation of metalled road
  • Estimation of earthen material
  • Construction of Water Bound Macadam (WBM)
  • Material required for WBM road.
  • Work procedure for WBM road.
  • Material required and its specifications for bituminous road.
  • Work & Construction procedure for bituminous road.
  • Practical test for the Compaction of filling.
  • Detail estimate of bituminous road with all specifications & construction procedure.
  • Detail estimate of concrete road.
  • Drainage system for different road.
  • Rate and labour analysis as per as IS code, DAR, etc.
  • Maintenance operations for different type of roads.
  • Different testing for road material.
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