Quantity Survey Course in Punjab

The quantity survey course in Punjab is designed to train professionals in managing all financial aspects of construction projects. This course covers cost estimation, budgeting, contract administration, and financial management, crucial for a successful career in quantity surveying.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Quantity Surveying: Role, importance, and functions of a quantity surveyor.
  • Cost Estimation: Techniques for estimating construction costs and preparing detailed budgets.
  • Financial Management: Managing project finances, including cost control and financial reporting.
  • Contract Administration: Understanding and managing construction contracts.
  • Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating financial risks in construction projects.
  • Software Training: Proficiency in cost management software and spreadsheets.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can work as quantity surveyors, cost managers, project managers, and financial consultants in construction companies, real estate firms, and government agencies. The course prepares students for certifications and professional recognition in the field.


Enrollment Details

  • Eligibility: High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Mode of Study: Full-time, part-time, and online options available.

Land Survey Course in Punjab

A land survey course in Punjab offers comprehensive training in the field of land surveying, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to measure and map land areas accurately. This course is ideal for those looking to start a career as a land surveyor, providing essential techniques and modern practices in surveying.


Course Content

  • Introduction to Land Surveying: Basics of surveying, history, and importance.
  • Surveying Equipment: Training on using theodolites, GPS systems, and other modern tools.
  • Mapping and Measurement: Techniques for accurate land measurement and mapping.
  • Legal Aspects: Understanding property laws, boundary disputes, and legal documentation.
  • Fieldwork: Practical field exercises and hands-on training in real-world scenarios.
  • Data Analysis: Processing and interpreting survey data using CAD and GIS software.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can pursue careers as land surveyors, cartographers, GIS specialists, and roles in construction and civil engineering firms. The demand for skilled surveyors in Punjab’s growing infrastructure sector ensures promising job prospects.


Enrollment Details

  • Eligibility: High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Mode of Study: Full-time, part-time, and online options available.

Billing Engineering Course in Punjab

The billing engineering course in Punjab focuses on training professionals in the preparation and management of construction project bills. This includes understanding project specifications, measuring work done, and preparing accurate billing documentation.


Course Content

  • Introduction to Billing Engineering: Role and importance of billing engineers in construction projects.
  • Project Specifications: Understanding and interpreting project drawings and specifications.
  • Measurement Techniques: Accurate measurement of completed work and materials.
  • Billing Documentation: Preparing and managing various billing documents such as interim bills, final bills, and claims.
  • Software Training: Using billing software for efficient project management.
  • Legal Aspects: Understanding contractual obligations and payment terms.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can pursue careers as billing engineers, project managers, and construction managers in construction companies, contracting firms, and real estate developers. The skills acquired in this course are essential for ensuring accurate and timely billing in construction projects.


Enrollment Details

  • Eligibility: High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Mode of Study: Full-time, part-time, and online options available.

Civil Supervisor (Basic & Advance) Course

Why SEEVILL Quantity Surveyors Institute

Complete Notes

SEEVILL Quantity Surveyors Course provides you complete hard-copy & soft-copy notes of training. ​

Live Training with Project Drawings

SEEVILL Quantity Surveying Institute gives you live training through project drawings.

Lifetime Support

SEEVILL Quantity Surveying Training Institute you lifetime support after training.

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Our Quantity Surveyor Course

We have various course and training program for student that are launched for the student which is want to make a career in the civil engineering field Here is the lots of courses that are available in our institutions.

– Quantity Surveying Quantity Survey Course with Total Station
– Billing Engineering
– Land surveying
– Tendering & Construction Contract Management
– Project Management

– Autocad
– Primavera Training
– MSP Microsoft Project

These are the course and training programs that are offered by SEEVILL Quantity Surveyor Institute for the civil engineering student if you are interested in the course you can contact us on 9911259530

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I am Shoubeer I have done Quantity survey course from SEEVILL INSTITUTE. I am working in Kuwait from past 15 years. The course is very helpful for learning and dreaming to become a QUANTITY SURVEYOR, with the help of our experienced instructor who teach us very point detail by detail ALL THE THANKS TO SEEVILL INSTITUTE.

Shoubeer Kuttiyil


Wanted to learn of what billing engineer does in detail went by getting a job.
I was first had doubts about the online format how it will be going and so. But when I had a demo session with SANDEEP SAINI sir , all of my doubts gone. He built the trust on knowledge , covering the area , showing with example , and everything which is needed to be covered in billing engineer.
He also explained me , how QUANTITY surveyor plays a role in billing engineering. So I took both combine course level 1 and level 2 . In course of time, sir explained us each and every step and went with our speed so that we can learn more in detail and understand it very well. He used to give our homework where we can explore more and learn more. While my course was on, i went on interview with 2 company and I got selected in both company before the course was completed. So Thanks to SEEVILL institute



I am Pooja Sonawane from Maharashtra I have Done my QUANTITY SURVEY AND BILLING ENGINEER training from SEEVILL INSTITUTE. I am working in a company since 2 years. This is the best Institute for Quantity survey and Billing Engineering training because trainer are very good and the live training classes are the best because trainer will explain each point briefly and the concept which are using by the trainer is very good and simply understanding I will recommend to jo SEEVILL INSTITUTE for carrier growth it is very useful for every civil Engineers

Pooja Sonawane

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