5 Types of Loads in Building Structure in Civil Engineering

Types of loads in building structure, here in this article I will define 5 types of basic types of loads in building structure are Dead Load, Live Load, Wind load, Snow Load and Earthquake Load.

Dead Load

Dead load is also called a permanent load, bcz this load is not movable. Its constant over a certain period and compressive

examples: column load, beam load, slab load, the furniture which is fixed permanently in the building structure

Live Load

Live load is that which is movable and which does not remain constant in the building structure. Which can move easily without any problem in the building structure

Examples: the person load, the books, furniture tables, all electronics gadgets

Wind Load

Wind load that comes along in the air direction may affect the building in a horizontal direction. Wind load will not affect to smaller buildings but it affects for high-rise buildings.

Snow Load

Snow load is the acclumation of the snow on the roof of the structures. If the snow is more frequently then it badly affects that region the structures

Examples: in Jammu and Kashmir

Earthquake Load

Earthquake load is generated due to inertia of the grounding motion.T the load will be produced in the substructure due to the weak soil or low bearing stratum. This load will break down the structure either in horizontal or vertical


Mainly 5 types of loads in building structure in civil engineering quantity survey course you will study in depth.

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